Tarides is a renowned software development and consulting firm, main developer of the OCAML language.

As the company expanded its global footprint, it faced challenges in streamlining its recruitment process and ensuring the onboarding of top-tier talent.

My role was to revamp and enhance the recruitment strategies, coach the Engineering Team on best hiring practices, and ensure the successful placement of critical roles.



Remote (EMEA / APAC / US)







Company size

Company size



As Tarides sought to expand its leadership and operational dynamics, the need for a distinct "Manager" role surfaced. The intricacies of this role, however, remained ambiguous.

The company grappled with how this Manager would assimilate within the existing structure, the depth of their responsibilities, their potential influence on Tarides' direction, and the decision between external recruitment or internal talent development.

They also faced challenges in optimizing their recruitment process. Their ATS lacked automation features, which sometimes led to delays. Quick response times to applications were a challenge, and there was room to enhance the personal touch in their recruitment approach, essential for engaging top talent


The efforts to define and integrate the "Manager" role led to a streamlined hiring process, with a notable reduction in the time-to-hire by 30%.

By optimizing the ATS with automation, response times to candidates were cut dramatically from 9 days to just 48 hours.

Notably, these strategic changes enabled the successful recruitment of key roles, including a Senior Engineering Manager and a Lead Engineer, highlighting Tarides' commitment to excellence and innovation


reduction in the time-to-hire

2 key roles

successfully recruited


improvement in response time to candidates


Role Definition: Collaborative sessions were held with Tarides' leadership to clearly define the "Manager" role. This involved understanding the company's vision, the expected responsibilities, and the potential influence of this role within the organization.

ATS Optimization: A thorough review of the existing Applicant Tracking System (ATS) was conducted. Recognizing the gaps, automation features were introduced to streamline the recruitment workflow, ensuring timely communication and reducing potential delays.

Recruitment Strategy: A global approach was taken to source candidates, encompassing regions like the US, EMEA, and APAC. This ensured a diverse and qualified pool of candidates for the roles.

Personalized Approach: Recognizing the importance of candidate experience, efforts were made to personalize the recruitment process. This involved timely communication, understanding candidate aspirations, and ensuring they align with Tarides' values.

Continuous Review: The recruitment process was continuously monitored and reviewed. Feedback was actively sought, leading to the implementation of improvements like reducing the time-to-hire and enhancing response times.





In a rapidly evolving tech landscape, Tarides recognized the need to optimize its recruitment processes to attract and retain top-tier talent. Through a strategic and collaborative approach, significant improvements were made, from defining critical roles to enhancing the efficiency of the recruitment system.

The results not only addressed immediate challenges but also positioned Tarides for sustained success in future talent acquisition endeavors.

This collaboration underscores the value of a focused recruitment strategy in driving organizational growth and innovation.

Prêt à améliorer votre Talent Acquisition Système ?

Prêt à améliorer votre Talent Acquisition Système ?